Engine Failure Makes a Dangerous Automobile

An automobile can be a dangerous piece of technology when not properly constructed. Such an incident occurred when this particular […]

How to Stress Relieve Steel

If you wonder why your system doesn’t work at one hundred percent or if there are any ways to make […]

How to Stave Off Wear and Tear on Precision Machining

When companies buy equipment they often don’t think about how that item can cease to function over time due to […]

Manufacturing Day Celebrated at IMTS 2012

America getting on board with new manufacturing ideas is the talk of the town. The manufacturing community shows its appreciation […]

New and Improved Designs in the Turbine Industry

Turbines are very important to the general flow of most companies, and if you want everything to run smoothly, you […]

The Slow Return of the Housing Market

The collapse of the housing market has been one of the most devastating results of the 2008 Recession. Four years […]

Single Metal Construction vs. Piece-By-Piece

Because items constructed piece by piece can slowly fall apart and degrade over time, many companies push for their manufacturing […]

Missouri Community Colleges Receive DOL Training Program Funding

The U.S. Department of Labor has recently focused on the state of Missouri with its state-by-state program to fund training […]

Machining Companies Demonstrate Use of Internet to Promote Business

The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS), the largest machining show in North America, occurs every 2 years in Chicago. Machining […]

The New Knee Implant: Laser-sintering plus 5-axis milling

Not ever before has the world seen sintering of such precision. A new manufacturing process for knee implants was revealed […]

Credentials to Careers extends $2 million grant to Shoreline CC

Shoreline Community College in Shoreline, Washington will receive a $2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor as part […]

North Central Missouri College receives share of $18 million

Governor Jay Nixon announced that the North Central Missouri College will receive a share of an $18 million grant from […]

Lack of qualified job applicants hurts manufacturing sector in Manatee County and nationwide

A lack of qualified job applicants in Manatee County’s manufacturing sector primarily has led to a hiring loss. CareerEdge Funders […]

More Than 100,000 Attend 2012 IMTS Show

Over 100,000 attended IMTS 2012 show outdoing 2010 by 20%. Many in the manufacturing market turned out to get a […]

White House Orders WTO to Investigate Chinese Car Exports

The White House has begun an investigation into Chinese exports of cars and auto parts through the World Trade Organization […]

Romney Names Faults of Obama Over Policy Toward Chinese

While a new runner, Romney, makes many statements in his speech that talks about the many faults of the current […]

Hurricane Affecting US Trade Numbers

It seems that a few natural disasters are having negative affects on United State’s trade numbers. Because of the hurricane […]

Harvard Prof Argues Manufacturing Jobs Crucial to Nation’s Economic Survival

Professor Willy Shih of Harvard University argues that manufacturing jobs are crucial to the nation’s economic survival. While students find […]

Polymers Provide New Approach to World of Power

We first began to experiment with the use of energy through wind, then we moved on to water and coal […]

ROKK Processing Improves Their Ice-Cream Making

ROKK Processing, which makes ice cream machinery, announces the addition of the RIF 1500, a robust and dependable machine for […]

American Manufacturers Light the Way

With the downturn of the economy, many have assumed that with the decrease of funds, so would come the death […]

Penn State to Partner with Government to Renew American Manufacturing

Penn State will participate in a new partnership geared to revitalize American manufacturing and encouraging companies to invest in the […]

Manufacturers holding onto hope of extended tax credit

Manufacturers like Astraeus Wind Energy Inc hope that the government will extend the 2.2 cent per kilowatt tax credit before […]

By 2020 Robots May Replace Skilled Labor Jobs

As the years pass, the average age of a skilled workforce will rise accordingly. By 2020 20% of your employees […]

Siemens Suggests Obama and Romney Visit Their Charlotte Plant

While Obama and Romney dicker over how to create jobs in America, Siemens offers the best plan for a stable […]

SIIA Conference Features Guest Speaker Frank Russo, CEO of Fabrication.com

The CEO of Fabrication.com, Frank Russo, will be a guest speaker at the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) Conference […]

Laser Cladding Technology Leading the Way

To further develop laser cladding technology, an experiment using active fiber laser was conducted. The design of the experiment included […]

SME Helping to Fill Skilled Labor Jobs

Currently the manufacturing industry has yet to fill over 600,000 jobs, and experts expect that number to jump to three […]

San Jacinto College Works with Local Industries to Fill Jobs

San Jacinto College hopes to meet the need of local industries. The school has developed short term courses that prepare […]

More Businesses Using the Cloud

When the idea of cloud storage first started, many doubted that this would prove useful for business. Now, many businesses […]

Trend Watching in the Manufacture Market

Trend watching, a crucial aspect of manufacturing in today’s market, anticipates where the market will shift so that any given […]

Fiber Optics a Blooming Staple for Tech Development

Fiber optics has presented itself as a blooming staple for technological development. One of the newest applications of fiber optics […]

Decline of Manufacturing Jobs Turning Heads

Today, products made in America seem akin to a fairytale due to the cost effectiveness of outsourcing to other countries. […]

OSHA Cracking Down on Safe Working Conditions

OSHA strives to creat acceptable working conditions for everyone with a job. Employers who violate OSHA’s set boundaries face the […]

Demographics Indicate Steady Decline in High-Pay Skilled Laborers

The current state of demographics in the precision machining industry indicates slightly grim figures as manufacturing job figures show a […]

Indicators Show Economic Growth for 39th Month in a Row

The Institute for Supply Management has yielded it’s first major results since July 2009. The results show for the 39th […]

Public-Private Partnerships May Generate “Made in America” Economic Recovery

Public-private partnerships, a movement to restore the “Made in America” boast, may be the key to a resurgence in American […]

TMS Named “Preferred” Manufacturing Partner

Alternative Hydrogen Solutions has named Technical Machining Service (TMS), a new U.S. based plant involved in gas solutions a preferred […]

Obama to Help Returning Vets Get Certification They Need to Acquire Industry Jobs

For lack of licensing, many returning vets have difficulty getting hired. Washington’s new plan, according to President Obama, is to […]

Dept of Defense Places Trust and $30 Million in AMT

The Association for Manufacturing Technology celebrates receiving a $30 million grant from the Department of Defense to expand the manufacturing […]

US Defense Department Awards $48 Million to Penn State ARL Lab

Penn State’s Applied Research Laboratory (ARL) began a new program initiated by the Defense Department. The Defense Advanced Research Projects […]

A Recent Upswing in Manufacturing May Not Be an Indicator of Future Employment

After a steep plunge in 2008, statistics show an upswing in US manufacturing output. While the increase does not yet […]

Manufacturers Grumble Over Tax Credits Designed to Stimulate Job Creation

A variety of federal, state and local inducements made to Siemens AG, a German firm, induced it to open a […]

Mitusubishi Heavy Industries proposes new marketing plan for machine and cutting tool customers

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd is looking to improve the marketing it uses for its machine and cutting tools to international […]

The Efficiency and Productiveness of a Gas Turbine Blades

This report explains the efficiency and productiveness of a gas turbine used in helicopters and the propeller of a ship. […]

New Small-scale RC Helicopter Revolutionizes Flying

A new RC helicopter is being produced that revolutionizes the hobby of RC helicopter flying. The new idea is making […]

Limerick Nuclear Power Plant Shut Down for “Inspections” Again

A nuclear power plant in Limerick in Pennsylvania has shut down one of its units for “routine inspections”. However, some […]

Rotherham Rolls Royce Turbine Plant to Begin Construction

A new Rolls-Royce turbine plant will begin construction in Rotherham after city counselors voted unanimously to allow the plant into […]

Orders in Domestic and Imported Products Have Increased

Overall in the past year orders for both domestic and imported products have increase in manufacturing technology. Regional statistics for […]

St. Mary’s Training Classes for Skilled and Qualified Workers in Manufacturing

With the help of the latest Leadership St. Mary class and in conjunction with the South Central Louisiana Technical College […]

$30 Million Awarded to Partnership to Educate and Train Advancements to Manufacturing Community

A $30 million grate was awarded to a partnership of dozens of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia companies, universities, and […]

Wanted: Workers to Fill 600,000 High Level Manufacturing Jobs

With unemployment around 8% surprisingly more than 600,000 high level manufacturing jobs are available without enough people to fill them. […]

SME Partners with SAMPE to Showcase Manufacturing Applications

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) has partnered with the Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE) […]

EPA Has a Pattern of Overreaching Its Authority

A member of the NTMA group on LinkedIn says the EPA has a pattern of overreaching its authority. He quotes […]

Magic Mirrors and the New Technology of Micro-Machining

The development of new laser techniques opens the ability for better, easier, and quicker micro-machining. Very diverse uses of this […]

NAMII Activates a Renaissance in the U.S. Manufacturing Industry with Cool Innovative Technologies

The new National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute (NAMII) activates a renaissance in U.S. manufacturing industry. Launched by the Obama Administration […]

PMPA Business Trends the Best July in a Decade

Precision Machined Products Association (PMPA) released its Business Trends Index for July 2012, dropping from last month’s value by 8 […]

EPA’s “Cross-State Air Pollution Rule” Struck Down

In a surprise set back for the Obama administration, the US Court of Appeals has struck down the EPA’s proposed […]

Siemens’ RobotExpert: the Future of Manufacturing

Siemens PLM Software introduces their RobotExpert software package. Targeting small/medium-size manufacturers, this intuitive, out-of-the-box software creates vitrtual 3D imagery of […]

Data and Graphics on Workplace Injuries and Fatalities

Data and graphics show the decline of occurrence of “recordables” (injuries and illness in the workplace.) The data covers 2005 […]

Dutch Using Lock-in Thermography to Detect Matrerial Efficiency

A Dutch engineering firm has begun using Lock-in Thermography. This method uses infrared cameras to detect the efficiency of the […]

Neon Safety Vests, an Overkill in Safety

Anyone that frequently drives a vehicle has more than likely seen construction workers wearing neon orange or green vests that […]

Modernized Technology Requires Modernized Training

When training workers for for advanced manufacturing, we need to modernize the approach and methods of training. Training with a […]

IMTS Wants Reshoring Stories

IMTS wants to hear from manufacturing reshoring experiences, when companies bring jobs back to the United States, also known as […]

Incentive Policy Not Working?

Director Michaels defends that the incentives program to encourage safety may be hindering efforts to protect workers because they feel […]

Nanocoating Saves Millions

U.S. Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) has released a statement that they want to put a nanocoating […]

5-Axis Machining: They Built it Faster, Smaller, Accurate and Affordable

Mitsui Seiki USA Inc. took a survey from local buyers to find out what their customers wanted in a machining […]

Use of Additive Machining makes a $30 Million Impression

Society of Manufacturing Engineers will be very important in the upcoming convention. They have received a $30 million grant making […]

Happenings on the IMTS Show Floor – Special Events

Chicago’s IMTS 2012 begins September 10 at McCormick Place. IMTS will have QR codes throughout the four buildings that list […]

Mitsui Seiki Unveils the Vertex 550-5XB

Mitsui Seiki USA has developed a machining center for producing turbine blades from forgings, castings, bar stock, or solid billets […]

Manufacturers Production Slowly Rising and Staying Steady

With the US economy slowly climbing up from its low point of recent years, manufacturers show a steady increase in […]

MDS Nanocoating Technology Tested by US Dept of Energy

Commercializing an advanced and erosion resistant nanocoating will help both transportation and energy business in the US. The coating, developed […]

Hiring the Right People is the Best Recipe for Success

The most important job for any organization, according to John at Hy Tek Manufacturing in Chicago, is the hiring. Not […]

dgs Marketing Engineers on the IMTS Experience

The dgs Marketing Engineers compiled the IMTS experience, a combination of blogs and videos from dgs staffers recalling their experiences […]

OSHA Tells Employers How to Handle Clean-up of Florescent Light Bulbs

A mercury spill at the work place isn’t the end of the World. There are some simple cleanup procedures employers […]

Global Economy Sees Slow Down in Manufacturing Demand

With the slowing economy, it should be no surprise that European and Asian countries as well as America see a […]

Rolls Royce Turbine Blade Facility Proceeds to Manufacture 100,000 New Engines

Rolls Royce proceeds to manufacture 100,000 turbine engines in its new upcoming facility, set to come out by 2014. Its […]

Mazark to Host Turbine Blade Machining Webinar

Mazark will host a webinar on August 8th to encompass advanced solutions to solving challenges experienced during jet engine turbine […]

The Truth About Manufacturing

If you’ve ever thought about how something is created, then you’ve likely thought of the term ‘manufacture’. Manufacturing comes from […]

What is a Factoryless Goods Producer?

< !DOCTYPE html> What is a Factoryless Goods Producer? « Speaking of Precision Blog Speaking of Precision Blog Sensemaking for […]

Space Station Air Craft APU Turbine Blades, Why They Fail

The APU turbine blades used by space station air craft have had a history of malfunctioning. Experts have analyzed the […]

Ability to Think Well a Competitive Asset in Manufacturing Industry

In the manufacturing industry, one of the most overlooked and underestimated tool is the human brain. Many companies spend time […]

Construction Improvements at Wanapum Dam Benefit Entire Community

Construction improvements are being made on Wanapum Dam that will benefit both the energy output of the dam and the […]

SME gives awards for chapter successes

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers has given out their awards for: advancement of manufacturing, merit, professional development, and communication Gold, […]

National Technical Conference Topics Wanted

The National Technical Conference is upcoming. They want suggestions for topics to include at the next National Technical Conference. Possible […]

Grant County PUD Modernizes Ninth Turbine at Wanapum Dam

The ninth turbine at the Wanapum Dam is online and operating normally. In 2004 Grant County PUD began modernizing the […]

Parts Buyers Beware

Buyers of precision machined parts, beware of five unnecessary decisions that will only cause costs to increase. These fall under […]

Companies, You May Start Your Start Your Blogs Now!

Are you a precision machining company who doesn’t have a blog yet? It might be time to start one. Learn […]

300 New Aircraft Engine Orders Coming to GE Plant in Greenville

The General Electric plant in Greenville, South Carolina, which employs around 200 people and makes turbine airfoils and turbine blades, […]

Roman Emperors Revealed Through Coin Scanning

Due to new scanning technology originally built to scan heavy machinery, we can now know what lost Roman emperors looked […]

New Scanning Techno Makes Excavating Methods a Thing of the Past

New scanning technology originally intended to be used for engineering is now being used to scan ancient Roman coins and […]

Math Lovers Needed in Manufacturing

The inability of people to have basic math skills keeps a lot of people unemployed and a lot of advanced […]

SME and US Army to Create 10 Million Jobs in Civilian Workforce

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers works with the US Army to create 10 million jobs in the skill of manufacturing […]

GE Boasts of its Most Advanced Jumbo Jet Engines to Date

Enhanced fuel efficiency, greater thrusting power and improved durability are among the advantages of General Electric’s most advanced jumbo jet […]

GDP Increases and PMI decreases–Mirrors Our Leaving Great Depression

The Institute for Supply Management’s “Purchasing Managers” Index plunged 3.8 points to 49.7 in June. According to ISM, a level […]

“Out of Work” Fox News Story Gives Job Ideas for the Unemployed

In this hard economy, everything helps. “Out of Work” on Fox News July 3rd at 9 P.M. showed how you […]

Gamesa to Furlough 73 Workers at the Penn Plant

Gamesa, a Spanish owned wind-turbine manufacturer operating in Ebensburg, PA, will furlough 73 workers at the PA plant.The furlough will […]

UK Invests 25 Million Pounds in Aerospace Manufacturing

The UK government is investing 25 million pounds with business collaborators like Rolls-Royce (which will provide 40 million pounds) to […]

Turbine Vendors Experience Set-back

Stagnating economic growth, low profit margins, and little government support is challenging the global wind power supply chain. According to […]

New Aerospace Turbine Manufacturer Opens in Sonora, Mexico

An aerospace turbine manufacturer will be opening a new plant in Sonora, Mexico. The plant being built in northern Mexico […]