Heat Caused F-35 Engine Blade Crack

The Pentagon grounded its fleet of F-35 fighter jets after a crack was found in a turbine blade during ground […]

Manufacturing Jobs Available Right Now!

There is an increasing demand for vocational technical training to meet the increase in industrial employment demand. Community colleges are […]

Size of the Precision Machining Industry

Take a closer look at the size of the precision machining industry. The data comes from the US Census 2010 […]

Buy American to Support U.S. Manufacturing!

The Alliance for American Manufacturing is supporting legislation that will strengthen Buy America preferences, close loopholes, and increase transparency in […]

Warriors at Work

Workshops for Warriors is a San Diego nonprofit. The group provides workshops to help veterans find employment, by providing free […]

The iWarriors Mission Continues

This is a very nobel cause, and I applaud the people who came up with it. The article explains briefly […]

Obsolete Specifications- Catch Them In Contract Review

The best opportunity to catch obsolete specifications comes during the contract review stage. If you do it correctly the first […]

Broadening the Board

The Mold Making Technology team reached out to five different individuals throughout the country who specialize in plastics and mold-making. […]

What Keeps You Safe?

Acknowledging your vulnerability and approaching workplace safety as absolutely essential are keys to staying injury free, says Miles Free of […]

Chugging Along

The US economy is growing at almost a 2% rate, even with the natural and economic disasters of late. GDP […]

Strongest January Ever For Precision Machine industry Shipments

There may be an upturn in the economy that is having an effect on shipments of precision machine industry products. […]

Get in the (New) Zones

The Plastics Technology web site is set up into zones to make it easier to find just the right information […]

Proposed Carbon Tax Will Prove Harmful to Manufacturing

A study was released by the The National Association of Manufacturers that found a carbon tax would have a horrible […]

Pratt rules out worst-case cause for F-35 blade crack: sources

Pratt & Whitney, the major manufacturer of military aircraft, has recently ruled out the most feared cause of the F-35 […]

A New Level of Automation

Rethink Robotics was founded in 2008 to revolutionize the always evolving robotic world. They have created Baxter, a multifunctional injection […]

Plant Management and Design Engineering Event to Feature Latest Solutions to Improve Manufacturing Operations

On April 23-24 there will be a free Plant Management and Design Engineering Event sponsored by the Society of Manufacturing […]

Taking in the View

A personal blog about a recent visit to Rancho Cucamonga, California to tour a company called Prestige Mold. The American […]

UPDATE 1-Pentagon suspends all F-35 flights due to crack in engine …

The Joint Strike Fighter Program, the largest U.S. weapons program, faces another setback today as a total of 51 F-35 […]

Minorities in Engineering Are On the Rise – National Engineers Week – February 17-23

During its annual National Engineers Week, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers honored young engineers under the age of 30 with […]

Measure Your Performance

To gain invaluable information about where your company stands, take part in the survey offered through the 2013 Benchmarking Survey. […]

HOUSTEX 2013 Highlights New Technologies in Manufacturing

HOUSTEX 2013 highlights the new technologies in manufactoring. Over 200 exhibitors are loading many millions of pounds of the latest […]

One Small Step Towards a Balanced Budget, One Giant Step Towards Insanity

Surprising news from the Treasury Department for the month of January, 2013: they took in more money than they spent. […]

ROI = Bryce Davis, Advanced Manufacturing Engineer – National Engineers Week – February 17-23, 2013

Fresh young minds, reaching to the future, in engineering technology are what the state of Texas can proudly list as […]

OSHA- The View From Director Michaels

PMPA member companies and OSHA both have a commitment to reducing hazzards, worker safety and maintaining safe workplaces. PMPA invited […]

Why Manufacturing Is Still Your Best Career Choice

The article from the Precision Machined Products Association website discusses why manufactoring is still the best career choice. With a […]

Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing Executives Detail Greatest Challenges at “Inside the AeroDef Boardroom”

Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing contractors from across the globe will sit down to discuss the current challenges facing the industry […]

Celebrating a Solution for a Sticky Situation

60 years ago, a young entrepreneur named Percy Harms saw the need for a product to release plastic injected products […]

8 Positive Impacts of a Setup Reduction Program- Vanamatic

If you are running a precision machining shop you need to take a look at Vanamatic’s set up reduction program. […]

Most Important Job- Take 2

Quality is Job number 1 at the Ford Motor Company. So says the tag line to their marketing. In a […]

Manufacturing and the State of the Union

President Barack Obama has spoken regarding his plan for the second time around. His State of the Union address clearly […]

January 2013 ISM Report

PMI scores are rising. They are currently at 53.1 percent and are gradually increasing from month to month. The new […]

U.S. Vehicle Sales Strong in January … Bodes Well for Moldmakers

Recent data and trends in vehicle sales show good signs for North American moldmakers. Sales are up over the last […]

Women in Engineering a View from the Plant Floor for National Engineers Week – February 17-23

Women are more common in the field of then ever before. Engineers use a variety of skills and talents in […]

Another MoldMaking Technology Top 10 T-shirt Sighting

Charles Robel was the latest receiver of the “Outstanding Student” award. He’s from Waukesha County Technical College. He is currently […]

U.S. Telehealth Patients Growing Nearly Six-Fold by 2017

As U.S. medical expenditures are set to rise to more than an estimated $3.7 trillion in 2017, healthcare providers strive […]

“Non Silba, Sed Anthar: Not for Self, But for Others”

Wade J. Spann, a veteran who has served three tours in Iraq and was injured during an IED explosion that […]

Prepare for the Medical Device Tax Workshop

There is a new 2.3% tax on medical devices that is taking effect because of the healthcare legislation that took […]

Executives Face Growing Threats to Their Supply Chains

Company executives face growing threats to their supply chains. In these tough economic time when margins are very thin, a […]

Old Rule vs New Truth

Seth Godin has just published a new book titled, “The Icarus Deception.” For people keeping their heads down, staying under […]

Time to Spring into Action

Here is an attempt to persuade shop owners to enter the “Annual Leadtime Leader Awards Competition”. Shop owners should reflect […]

Congratulations- 122 Women in Manufacturing Honored at STEP Awards by Manufacturing Institute.

The Manufacturing Institute recently held its annual Step Awards. The Awards were started to celebrate the contributions of women in […]

Revolutionary Exposition Floor Reflects the Spirit of Innovation, Collaboration at AeroDef Manufacturing and Composites Manufacturing 2013

The Deck is a very distinctive feature of AeroDef Manufactoring. At the Composites Manufacturing 2013, a main area of the […]

Another MoldMaking Technology Top 10 T-shirt Sighting

The “Outstanding Student” Award was given recently at Waukesha County Technical College. The winner was Charles Robel, who is an […]

Unemployment Situation Is A Gooey Mess

Don Acke theorizes that the U-3, the government’s rating of unemployment, is not an accurate measure of actual unemployment in […]

U.S. Vehicle Sales Strong in January … Bodes Well for Moldmakers

Sales of new automobiles was about 10% higher in January than it was for the previous January. This is good […]

Fellowship Federal Funding Opportunity

There is a scholarship the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) wants to create in order to benefit students […]

Planned Design for National Manufacturing Innovation Network

The National Network for Manufacturing Innovation is a newly proposed council designed to help bring together industry and research with […]

Women Are “STEP’ping it up in Manufacturing

The Science, Technology, Engineering and Production (STEP) Award recognized three women for their excellence and achievement in manufacturing. Out of […]

Finally, a Proper Start to the Recovery

The US economy is just about to enter a full recovery in 2013. The first half of the year may […]

PMPA Business Trends 2012 Review and Summary

PMPA index of sales has concluded that 2012 was a year when growth was hampered by political brinkmanship and worry […]

Recycle Your D*** Carbide!

If you are familiar with any Machine shop, you have seen the plague of failed, worn, or unidentified carbide inserts. […]

Plastics Has an Image Problem

People’s opinions of plastics isn’t always favorable. However, many people base their opinions on out-dated knowledge about the plastics industry. […]

PMPA Vice President Darlene Miller STEP Honoree

PMPA Vice President Darlene Miller is the STEP Honoree. This is a very distinguished award. Darlene believes that manufactoring is […]

Conversion of Units Made Easy- Tutorial

The article from the Precision Machined Products Association website gives a tutorial for conversion of units made easy. When there […]

New Rules for Liquid Fueled Industrial Backup Generators

For people that have reciprocating internal combustion engines, gasoline or diesel, for generators, pumps, etc, the January 14, 2013 revisions […]

In the Market for New Equipment?

The ongoing market trends for investing in adequate equipment some small or major companies might heed during fiscal year of […]

Blade Dynamics wins 100-metre blade investment

The UK government has given it’s approval to help aide in investing in a next generation wind turbine development company, […]

Hope- 5 Positive Earnest Expectations For 2013

There is a relationship between most major industries. If more jobs are available, there will be a need for more […]

Turbine blade manufacturer to create 55 jobs in Forsyth Co.

Forsyth County has new jobs coming into the area when Ellwood Advanced Components LLC expands its operations at their turbine […]

Third Annual Women in Manufacturing Summit Coming This Fall!

The Women in Manufacturing Summit will be held October 22-23 in Detroit, and a launch party will be held February […]

Why Tolerance Is Minus On Bars For Machining

This article from the PMPA blog site discusses steel bars for machining. The dimensions on the bars are held to […]

Society of Manufacturing Engineers Issues Call for Entries to Contemporary Art Gallery at RAPID 2013

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers is looking for submission of artwork for the Contemporary Art Gallery Conference and Exposition. The […]

Commentary Sheds Light on Approval Process for Implantable Body Parts

While technology has advanced greatly for patients with musculoskeletal problems, some of the newer surgical options for them come with […]

Sandvik Coromant Sponsors Dream It. Do it. Manufacturing Student Challenge at EASTEC

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) said that Sandvik Coromant US is the corporate sponsor of the EASTEC Dream It. […]

PMPA Business Trends 2012 Review and Summary

The article is about the PMPA business trends for 2012 review and summary. According to the chart, the sales index […]

Opportunity Comes Knocking for Detroit High School Students to Build Robots and Compete at 2013 FIRST Robotics Competition

The SME Education Foundation provided a grant to a group of institutions including U-M College of Engineering. The purpose of […]

Dennis Bray Elected as Society of Manufacturing Engineers President

Dennis Bray has been elected President of the Society of Manufactoring Engineers. Bray has been a member of the society […]

AeroDef Manufacturing 2013 Technical Conference Sessions Announced by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)

Manufacturers in the aerospace industry have the opportunity to attend an informative conference to be held on March 19?21 in […]

Selecting Next-Gen. Laser-Scanning Technology

As technology has helped advance the work force, laser scanning has been right at the top. Scanners can provide a […]

Patent Issued for Turbine Inlet Air System

General Electric Company was issued a patent on January 8 for a turbine inlet air system. The system is designed […]

Conversion of Units Made Easy- Tutorial

This article, authored by Miles Free from the Preciscion Machined Products Association is a quick lesson on the conversion of […]

Resolve to Make a Business Succession Plan in 2013!

The New Year is a good time to think about short-term plans for your business, including staying on top of […]

In the Market for New Equipment?

ELFA has predicted trends for equipment acquisition in 2013. Business decisions will be driven by perceptions of the economic future. […]

Generation Gap In Your Office Infographic

The trend of generation gaps appearing in offices around the country continues. Here is an article with several different graphs […]

The Changing Face of Marketing to Moldmakers

Sales and Marketing strategies have evolved in the mold manufacturing industry. The stratagies have evolved from using payphones, to using […]

What are these turbine blades ? – Ships Nostalgia

Shippers and shipping enthusiasts will find this article to be of interest. The person posting to the forum has detailed […]

Nanoparticles Combined to Produce New Metamaterials

Scientists in Finland have combined various nanoparticles to produce some new metamaterials that help in aiding electronics and delivery systems. […]

Flexible Fingers for Micro-Robotics

The US Department of Energy ta the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have developed a microscale actuator that flexes like a […]

Are Manufacturing Tax Credits Coming to an End?

The tax credits that were used by manufacturing companies may be coming to an end in the next few weeks. […]

FABTECH 2012 Confirms: Manufacturing is the Comeback Player of the Year

Manufacturing made a big comeback in 2012. At the Fabtech 2012 convention in Las Vegas, organizers reported brisk sales and […]

How Do You Choose The Best Supplier?- Steve Staub

Are you really getting the best deal when you replace that copier? According to Steve Staub, there are many, many […]

Manufacturing Jobs – What You Need (And Want) To Know

The economy is actually improving. Manufacturing job hires are at an increasing pace. The incline in this number rise will […]

Twitter to the Rescue

These men; these great and brave men. An iPad is the least we can give for the sacrifice they have […]

A New Year’s Resolution: Less Talk About Congress

The Democrats and Republicans passed a law that barely averted the fiscal cliff. However, they still have not resolved the […]

Bentley GT Speed Convertible Has Heritage

Bentley is launching its newest model, the Continental GT Speed convertible, which borrows from the 1925 Bentley Speed. The new […]

Titanium-Aluminum Alloy Cuts Aircraft Weight

Research from the European Space Agency has resulted in a titanium-aluminum alloy that has properties similar to nickel superalloys but […]

The Lump Of Coal in Our Stocking

The following article is from the Precision Machine Products Association, who are critical of the way Washington politicians are handling […]

High speed for measurement of large turbine blades

Due to the reliance on a new light-based system, CORE M now measures speed much more accurately than past models. […]

WTO Panel Investigates China’s Rare Earth Metals Export Policies

The WTO has convened a panel with the purpose of investigating to what extent China’s exports of rare earths, molybdenum, […]

Shearing of metals during processing a problem

The shearing of metals during processing can become a problem, as it sometimes attaches itself to a different piece of […]

Turbine engineers look at predicting current flows

Turbine engineers look at predicting current flows. Turbines still rely on the mathematical method of inserting numbers whenever required, but […]

May 2012 machine tool sales up 19% over May 2011

The Association for Manufacturing Technology reported that machine tool sales increased by 14.5% in May 2012. This represents a 19% […]

2012 Haas Technical Education Center (HTEC) Manufacturing Conference at RPI

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute will host the 2012 Haas Technical Education Center (HTEC) Manufacturing Conference, July 16-19 at Hudson Valley Community […]

Capitalizing on “Made in America”

American Manufactureres attempt to revitalize themselves to the state they used to be in. They seem to be doing a […]

Silicon Valley’s New Synthetic Diamond “Mine”

Element Six officials recently announced a new manufacturing facility in Silicon Valley. The company creates synthetic diamonds and provides service […]

Announcing College Apprenticeship Programs

The Maricopa Community Colleges recently announced a new apprenticeship program that will help supply jobs for the skilled machinery industry. […]

Export Achievement Award Goes to…Bead Electronics

The New Haven Manufacturers Association awarded Bead Electronics an Export Achievement Award on June 14, 2012. The Deputy Assistant Secretary […]

New and Improved FAKRA II SMB Connector

On June 19, 2012, Molex Incorporated released an improved version of the FAKRA connector, the FAKRA II SMB connector. Key […]

Tokyo Exhibits Colorful Wind Turbines

Wind turbines and clean energy do not have to be dull and colorless. There is a great company in Tokyo […]

Turbine Blades A Point of Interest for Those into Manufacturing

The turbine blades in a jet engine are truly a point of interest for anyone involved in manufacturing. They have […]