Wind Turbine Engineers Protecting Our Little Batty Friends

Ultrasonic microphones are being placed on wind turbine farms to monitor bat death rates caused by the giant fans. Environmental […]

Wisconsin Machine Shops Want To Create Jobs

Businesses in Wisconsin are looking for new ways to create jobs and generate profit. The American Machine Shops Network recently […]

Good news in the entrepreneurial sector

Good news in the entrepreneurial sector – small manufacturers think big. Manufacturers that create parts and components for larger companies […]

Two towns consider moving shared wind turbines

Two towns consider moving shared wind turbines further away from civilian houses to limit noise disruption. Several meetings were held […]

Train Abandons Passengers

When traveling to California, a man and his daughter encountered a train, a few miles outside of Kramer Junction on […]

Riso National Laboratory and the Technical University of Denmark examine the aerodynamic influence of winglets

Winglets are curved extensions of wind turbine blades which increase power production without increasing the area swept by the blades, […]

Reshoring Initiative founder briefs President Obama

Reshoring Initiative founder Harry Moser had the honor of briefing President Barrack Obama at an American Jobs Forum held at […]