Longest Turbine Blade in the World Increasing Power Plant Efficiency

Alstom has announced the longest turbine blade in the world, which will produce better energy quality and hopes to redefine […]

Alstom Creates LP75 Turbine Blade with Very Long Last-Stage Blade

Alstom has created a turbine blade called the LP75, 75 Inch, very long Last Stage Blade for nuclear system turbines. […]

GM Releases the Ehevy Cruze with 2.0 Liter Turbo

Next year anyone in the U. S. can purchase a vehicle with a diesel engine when GM releases the Chevrolet […]

Perm Engine Replaces Damaged Fans and Separate Assemblies

During October, 2012, Perm Engine Company’s customer support department replaced fans damaged by debris for Cubana and Aeroflot airlines. They […]

New Turbines for Gloucester Promises New Jobs

By the end of the year, the city of Gloucester will have a few new turbines on the grounds of […]

Jeep Patriot Freedom Edition to Donate $250 Per Sale to Military Charities

For each new 2013 Jeep Patriot Freedom Edition, available in both 2WD and 4WD configurations, sold, Jeep with donate 250 […]

From Warmest South to Coldest North This Turbine Blade Keeps Working

Alstom SA, French power equipment manufacturer of high-speed trains,  unveiled a new, very long last-stage blade for use in nuclear […]

Wages Don’t Define Good Workers

Dan Murphy highlights the differences between the modern working world of manufacturing and the working world of yesterday. Dan points […]

Rolls-Royce Will Open Advanced Airfoil Maching Facility in Prince George County

Rolls-Royce will open an Advanced Airfoil Machining Facility in Prince George County, its second plant. The project will cost $136 […]

Rolls Royce to Create 140 Jobs in Prince George County, Virginia

Aerospace engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce has announced plans to construct a new factory in Prince George County, Virginia. The new plant […]

Hardy Harris, Britain’s 84-year-old blacksmith

Hardy Harris, an 84-year-old blacksmith continues his trade well into his old age. Harriss first went into the blacksmithing business […]

Enemalta to Have Malta Steam Turbine Repaird in Six Months

Enemalta plans to repair Malta’s steam turbine within six months. Enemalta has inspected all parts for safety and has had […]

Delcam Software Making a Big Difference

Blades, vanes, and blisks can create many problems. Not only does poor manufacturing play a part, but repair also causes […]

Esperanze High School Enjoys Opportunities Provided by STEM Manufacturing Programs

STEM Manufacturing Programs has reached out to many different schools implementing PRIME funding. Esperanza High School enjoys the great opportunity […]

Porsche Cayenne Making a Staggering 34.2% Increase in Sales

Surprisingly, Porsche now produces one of the most current and innovative SUV’s on the market today. This sleek designed SUV […]

Up-Time More Important Than Cycle-Time?

Miles Free speculates on time and production capabilities within different industries. The first type of time, cycle-time, refers to the […]

Air Agitation Causing Racks to Burn?

Although if environmental conditions remain uniform, some racks will burn during anodizing processes. Perhaps the responsiblity for the burning lies […]

MMT Goes International November 2012

Since 1999, MoldMaking Technology (MMI) has attended EuroMold in Frankfurt, Germany, run by Dr. Eberhard Doring. This event is filled […]

ATI Stellram Leading the World’s Steel Manufacturing

ATI Stellram leads producers in steel manufacturing across the world. ATI confidently promotes the different turbine blade machines necessary for […]

GM and Federal Government: Legalized Money Laundering?

While the federal government still partially owns GM. GM has made a bid on US Government owned Ally Financials. This […]

Private Companies Training High Schoolers Needed in Manufacturing

Many vocational institutes teach high school students the basic skills when it comes to the various programs they offer, but […]

Titanium Aluminide: One Step Closer to “Star Trek’s” Vision of the Future

It sounds a little like Mr. Scott of Star Trek who speaks of “transparent aluminum.” Aircraft manufactuers will soon utilize […]

Jet Manufacturers Making Vacation Travel Less Expensive

It appears that when it comes to flights, looking into a new alloy may be the way to economize. Simply […]

Needed: New Welding Techniques Requiring Lasers

While it is important to make sure that certain tools in a manufacturing process are durable enough to withstand anything […]

FDA Changes Policies to Improve Decision Making

The Federal Drug Administration realizes the importance of their job and knows that many of their decisions will affect how […]

Searching for a Globally Balanced Better Economy

Many political and industry leaders have put a lot of effort into producing a better economy across the globe. While […]

High School Students Working with Software Companies

Students now work with software companies and utilize their skills to create working models. High school students get to prove […]

A Good Leader Shows Responsibility and Authority, Not Power

Doing work for a number of different companies and working under a variety of people can give you insight into […]

Make Your Quoting Process Possible and Accurate

You will create the best proper quote if you accept you have no room for error. Make sure you know […]

Fiscal Shock on the Horizon: How to Predict Your Company’s Future

Worried about the future of your business? You should be! A group of critical thinkers at the N.A.M. has issued […]

Panel to Discuss Tax Increases That Will Affect Manufacturers

Currently, numerous tax credits utilized by manufacturers to save money may no longer be offered in the future as they […]

The Roden Group Offers Help to Inventors Using Plastic Injection Molding

If you have a great idea for an invention but need some help with production then look no further! The […]

Precision Machine Shop Assoc Helps Sufferers of Hurricane Sandy

The Precision Machine Shop Association has prepared a disaster plan for its members, which current shops hit by Hurricane Sandy […]

Chevrolet Now Sells a Cool Hot Wheels Branded Camaro with Real Hot Wheels

Camaro and Hot Wheels have shifted their relationship. Chevrolet now sells the Camaro, once one of the first Hot Wheel […]

Shell from Newly Engineered Bike Saves Biker’s Life

Despite the dissapointing news about former 7 time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong comes a story on engineering skills […]

How Hot Corrosion Rusts Engine Parts

The chemical reaction necessary for Hot Corrosion to occur starts with the chemicals sulfur and sodium chloride and forms sodium […]

While Unsure About the Economy Plastic Processors Feel Optimistic About Their Own Business

Plastic processors feel optimistic according to a recent survey. Around two-thirds of plastic processors contacted in October indicated they were […]

$292,000 Grant Given to Society of Manufacturing for Energy Conservation

The U.S. Department of Energy delivers a grant for energy conservation. The Society of Manufacturing Engineers graciously took a $292,000 […]

Precision Machining Shipments Fell in September

Shipments for the precision machining industry fell in September, according to a recent report. Shipments fell to 88% compared to […]

CEOs Participate in Las Vegas FABTECH Roundtable Nov 12-14

Leaders of the manufacturing industry expect to feel optimistic about keeping up the record of growth in their industry for […]

Italian Earthquake Scientists Imprisoned for False Assurances

The Italian courts have sentenced some scientists to six years imprisonment for giving false assurance in 2009 earthquake. Small tremors […]

PPL Susquehanna Plant Undergoes Inspection

A reactor at a Pennsylvania nuclear power plant was shut down safely on October 20 for purposes of an inspection. […]

Cherished Family Memories: Loblaws Coupons and the Family Silver

Back in the 1950’s Loblaws grocery store used a PC system for loyal customers. They issued coupons to shoppers who […]

Lookout Migraines–Your Days are Numbered

St. Jude takes on migraines, using a new device on those who suffer from these brain crushing headaches. Nerve simulations […]

End of Recession in Sight?

Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation collects leadership data for companies in business conditions. With index levels low, the company shows […]

Best Practices LLC Helps Physicians Get Proper Training

Best Practices LLC helps physicians get the proper training they need to conduct safe uses of new medical devices offered […]

Video on How to Make Plastic Injection Molds

Moldmakers are misunderstood; some people don’t understand what it is they actually do when they hear the word “mold”. A […]

ASME 2013 Turbine Blade Tip Symposium

ASME 2013 Turbine Blade Tip Symposium & Course week will be held September 30, 2013 in Hamburg, Germany. The course […]

Georgia Manufacturers Miss Out on Tax Credits

A 2012 study conducted on Georgia Manufacturing by Habif concludes that Georgia manufactures have missed out on R&D tax credits. […]

2017 Expected to See Explosion in Technological Innovations

With new technological innovations available, a market research report suggests the medical device industry will explode by the year 2017, […]

FDA Considers Security Measuress for Medical Devises

The security of medical devices poses a very critical issue. If a person hacks into a heart pacemaker for instance, […]

World’s Smallest Heart Pump Now Saving Lives in the U.S.

The Impella heart pump, the world’s smallest,  just received clearance for use in the United States last month, and already […]

Improvements on Repairing Hip Fractures

Stryker Corp. has designed a system for those with hip fractures. An alarming 300,000 people in the United States suffer […]

Hiring and Educating Veterans the Goal of a New National Program

The current national elections has made veteran unemployment a major topic of discussion. In 10 cities, manufacturing companies have started […]

DOE program challenges manufacturing industry and colleges to create a stronger future

Awards totaling $20 million will be given to 10 different companies throughout the United States in an effort to build […]

Women Needed in Manufacturing

If you are a female and feeling left behind in the manufacturing field, then this news will make you feel […]

Filling the Skilled Labor Gap a Difficult Task

As unemployment remains high the manufacturing industry has the difficult task of filling a gap of 600,000 skilled manufacturing jobs […]

National Manufacturing Day Becomes National Manufacturing Month

What had been just one day has now been expanded to a month-long celebration. National Manufacturing Day, originally set for […]

American Manufacturing on the Rise

Good news for the U.S. economy: American manufacturing has experienced a rebound. According to a report, half a million manufacturing […]

Iowa Fits Obama’s Struggling Vision for an Economically Healthy Nation

Iowa shows the low unemployment and strong housing market that Obama wants for the entire nation. Accumold makes small components […]

The Manufacturing Institute Joins The Get Skills to Work Partnership

The Manufacturing Institute in cooperation with GE, Boeing and other partners has launched an outreach effort in an attempt to […]

Principal Solar Institute Announces New Module Rating System

With solar power becoming a more attractive option, the Principal Solar Institute has announced the PSI PV Module Rating by […]

U.S. Machine Tool Orders Expected to Rise Again in September

U.S. machine tool orders increased in August 2012, although sales were lower than the previous August. The increase is generally […]

Get Skills to Work Program Aims to Fill Skilled Labor Jobs

The Get Skills to Work Program led by GE and other corporations launches in 2013. Even in a weak job […]

Open House Brings Education and Manufactureres Together

Newaygo County Career Tech Center hopes to get word out at The Dogwood Center for the Performing Arts open house […]

Muskegon, MI Joins US Trade Adjustment Assistance Program

A community college in Muskegon, Michigan, has launched a program to broaden students’ skills. A $500,000 grant from the Federal […]

Rep. Barbara Lee Praises California Colleges and Businesses

U.S. Congresswoman Barbara Lee recently spoke to area students of communicty colleges at Laney’s Machine Tech Department praised college and […]

Colleges and Manufacturers Colloborate in Getting Students Taught and Working

Colleges and employers in Massachusetts have teamed up to help students get the training they need to receive their credentials […]

Manufacturing Orders Have Risen 4.1% Since July

Manufacturing technology orders of domestic and imported machine tools and related equipment have risen recently in the United States by […]

Alaska Airlines Order more than 737 Max planes from Boeing

Alaska Airlines has an order for more 737 Max airplanes. This order adds to their fleet which already includes 120 […]

The Fed Reserve’s 9th Districe Reports on Fourth Quarter 2012

The Federal Reserve’s Ninth District (Minneapolis) reports on the following categories as of the 4th quarter of 2012: Consumer spending, […]

US Provides $20 Million Grant to Public-Private Partnerships

The Obama Administration and the US Commerce Department recently announced a $20 million dollar grant to public-private partnerships across the […]

Caterpillar and MAG LLC Donate $900,000 to IVCC

Illinois Valley Community College just received a large boost to its manufacturing traing program. Caterpillar, and MAG LLC have made […]

Minnesota Employs “Right Skills Now” to Train Students in Manufacturing

Community college students in Minnesota join a program to close an apparent job skills gap plaguing the country. Students take […]

“Just In Time” Developing Students in Manufacturing Jobs

The Alamo Colleges for Workplace Excellence now offers a new program, called “Just in Time.” They designed the program to […]

Broward College to Receive $4 million to Aid Tech Job Growth

The Labor Department has granted over $4 million dollars to Broward College to aid in the growth of technological jobs. […]

US Must Look to Asia to Properly Stabalize Economy

While the United States attempts to stabilize the economy, business leaders can no longer look within America for solutions. Although […]

Americans Can’t Count on Reppublicans or Democrats to Strengthen Economy

The US governing bodies, Republicans and Democrats, are not necessarily interested in pulling US workers together to strengthen the economy. […]

Three Flow Charts Show Hope in Employment in September

Website pmpaspeakingofprecision.com gives a revealing truth and hope about unemployment in America. It uses three flow charts to show overall […]

Christmas Shopping for the Automotive Enthusiast

If you have an automotive enthusiast is on your Christmas list, consider getting him or her a calendar with great […]

PPL Corp. May Have to Spend $45 million or More on Equipment Troubleshooting

PPL Corp., a Pennsylvania power plant may have to spend a minimum of 45 million dollars on equipment troubleshooting. Part […]

Right Skills Now Seeks to Create New Generation of Skilled Workers

A new program called Right Skills Now seeks to create the skilled workers the manufacturing sector currently needs. As baby […]

10 Public-Private Parnerships Hoping to Boost Economy

The Obama administration and the US Commerce Department recently announced a 20 million dollar grant to public-private partnerships across the […]

Minnesota’s Largest Power Generator Fails

Minnesota’s largest power generator failed ten months ago. The Generator was damaged when a turbine malfunctioned during a safety test, […]

Middle School Kids Interested in Architecture and Manufacturing

It appears that older generations are not the only ones interested in the stability of the country, and that is […]

Sustainability Continues as the Ideal in Technological Advancements

Whatever new ideas that we come up with for advancement, they need to be sustainable: useful over a long period […]

New Program Increases U.S. Manufacturing Rates

In order to increase U.S. production rates and therefore make higher profits, it is important that our country is at […]

Engine Failure Makes a Dangerous Automobile

An automobile can be a dangerous piece of technology when not properly constructed. Such an incident occurred when this particular […]

How to Stress Relieve Steel

If you wonder why your system doesn’t work at one hundred percent or if there are any ways to make […]

How to Stave Off Wear and Tear on Precision Machining

When companies buy equipment they often don’t think about how that item can cease to function over time due to […]

Manufacturing Day Celebrated at IMTS 2012

America getting on board with new manufacturing ideas is the talk of the town. The manufacturing community shows its appreciation […]

New and Improved Designs in the Turbine Industry

Turbines are very important to the general flow of most companies, and if you want everything to run smoothly, you […]

The Slow Return of the Housing Market

The collapse of the housing market has been one of the most devastating results of the 2008 Recession. Four years […]

Single Metal Construction vs. Piece-By-Piece

Because items constructed piece by piece can slowly fall apart and degrade over time, many companies push for their manufacturing […]

Missouri Community Colleges Receive DOL Training Program Funding

The U.S. Department of Labor has recently focused on the state of Missouri with its state-by-state program to fund training […]

Machining Companies Demonstrate Use of Internet to Promote Business

The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS), the largest machining show in North America, occurs every 2 years in Chicago. Machining […]

The New Knee Implant: Laser-sintering plus 5-axis milling

Not ever before has the world seen sintering of such precision. A new manufacturing process for knee implants was revealed […]

Credentials to Careers extends $2 million grant to Shoreline CC

Shoreline Community College in Shoreline, Washington will receive a $2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor as part […]

North Central Missouri College receives share of $18 million

Governor Jay Nixon announced that the North Central Missouri College will receive a share of an $18 million grant from […]

Lack of qualified job applicants hurts manufacturing sector in Manatee County and nationwide

A lack of qualified job applicants in Manatee County’s manufacturing sector primarily has led to a hiring loss. CareerEdge Funders […]